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Missy Dunham and Family

Welcome to Mountain House Childcare & Learning Corner!

Here at Mountain House Childcare & Learning Corner, we have a loving and nurturing environment that encourages growth and learning. Every child is creative and unique, in his or her own way. At our childcare home, we make sure we are helping that creativity grow through fun and creative ways of learning through outside play, art projects, and group activities. Let our childcare home be one of the fun memories that your children always remember!



About our Program

We offer a comprehensive pre-school curriculum that is built into our daily schedule where children of all ages can learn through fun and engaging activities.  We cover everything from the basic shapes, numbers, and colors to more advance concepts, such as the solar system, the ocean, plants, and animals so that children of all ages can learn at their own pace.  In addition, we also play outdoors daily to practice and develop the social skills, like sharing, manners, and cooperation to allow children to more easily transition into higher levels of schooling.  Each day we provide 2 full healthy, home made meals and snacks that meet the highest nutritional standards for health and development of young children.

 A little about me…

Working with children has been one of my passions since I was little. Being the second oldest of nine children, I helped raised some of my siblings. My first job was a part time nanny position at 14 years old that eventually led to many other nanny positions which helped me pay and finish my AS degree. More importantly, it helped me meet many children that helped me see the world through their eyes. Some of the best memories was simply playing soccer with them, card games, or simply watching how these children blossomed just by using their own creative skills. Now as a mother of three, I want to not only help my children grow but yours too.

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